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Website Designing is the boon to reduce risk from the management of the organization in terms of fraudulent and misrepresentation also we will secure your organisation from this kind of risk. Employment screening has the wide scope as per the future orientation in the world. It plays a vital role in understanding the candidate whether she/he suits for the organizational requirements. We suggest you to give us the choice to secure this unpredictable happening. Many companies across the world rely on us to provide background screening of the candidate.

Employee screening is the aim to reduce the staffing risk and management fraudulent which makes the organization more efficient & effective. Our DDivine Solution promotes the best practice to simplify the work flow and also helps in providing best candidate to the organisation for better productivity and ensuring complete employability cycle.

Below highlighted points which are beneficial for the organization and also to abridge the future flaws:

  • Educational Verification: This is a small part of Employment screening but plays a vital role to evaluate the qualification or academic knowledge of the candidate.
  • Employment Verification: This involves the verification of the past curriculum of the candidate. Post authenticating her/his past experience, we will suggest for recruitment or non recruitment of the candidate.
  • Address Verification: We get the candidates verified by her/his neighbours and check their status & reputation in the place where they reside.
  • Criminal Verification: As the word state “Criminal Verification” this verification facilitates to ensure whether the candidate has any criminal record or not?
  • Employee Screening Services: This aims to standardize the work flow and streamline the HR BGC- activities. It helps to reduce the risk & fraud and also gives the best suitable candidate to the organization.
  • Database: We have a strong database for each & every organization as per their requirements and we also see to it that their departmental requirements are fulfilled.