DDivine Solutions

DDivine Solutions India founded in 2011 as R.S. Info Systems now we move to Web Development, background check, HR Consulting, Security Services etc. DDivine Solutions India is a provider of a gamut of risk mitigation services that includes but are not limited to Due Diligence, Background Screening, HR Consulting, Web Development, Property Due Diligence, Commercial Investigations, Process Audits, Stock Audits, Market Surveys, Protective Services to include Executive Protection, Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Management. DDivine Solutions has successfully completed more than Five hundred man years of professional consulting in the risk mitigation practice.

DDivine serves a wide range of consumer in a variety of industries and customer segments. Our protective is to server the best of services, developed together with our customers, are designed to integrate a high degree of technology content.

DDivine purposes to streamline background checks and due diligence. India is a country with 1.31 billion people and India is now a major IT power.

Still, when it comes to the area of background checks and due diligence, there is a lot of work to be done. DDivine is dedicated to bridging this gap.

Democratize the background verification process and bring it within easy reach of every individual.

Promote greater transparency in society by enabling deeper insights into the background of various individuals

To achieve these, DDivine has brought together a great team covering the diverse areas of data engineering, online business, and background checks. This team is passionate about applying the technology to solve the complex problems in background checks that are unique to Indian scenario.

To realize our goal we have committed ourselves to providing the stakeholders with objective, timely, independent and forward-looking credit and performance opinions. The foundation of that dedication is embedded in several core principles — objectivity, quality, independence, integrity and transparency.